Cubao X …

This is a late post of what the bestfriend and I did last week.

When the bestfriend texted me saying that she has 5peso passes to Baler, I couldn’t help but say yes. I mean, that was almost a free movie. Who am I to decline? So off we went to Gateway. We got the tickets but had more than 2 hours of waiting time before the movie starts, so she asked if I wanted to have lunch at Bellini’s..  this cool Italian resto at Cubae Expo. I wasn’t really craving for Italian but this was a new place for me and I wanted to see it.

After our late lunch, we had a few more minutes to see the busy streets of Cubao (I was feeling nostalgic — childhood memories and all) and what we can make most of our trip back to Gateway. (We decided to go back to Cubao X after the movie, btw.) We made a quick stop at BookSale and the bestie made me buy a book. For those idle times, she said. As if I had one!

Now about Baler.. maybe I was expecting something like Rizal the movie so 1/3 of my viewing time, I was disappointed. Cinematography was bad and who the hell is in charge of costumes? Seems to me, it was something out of a play, not a movie. Totally unrealistic. Also, the love story did not blend well with the history of the place. The writers and the director did not exactly give justice to the story. So I was wondering really, why they would be given an award for Best Picture. Maybe the competitors were worse? You tell me.

We stopped by Japan Home (not sure if this is the right name) after and I bought a big bottle of fabric conditioner (Pigeon brand, white, smells really nice) and my eldest son’s case for his Bakugan toys. The bestie also told me to try the sugar-free cupcakes at Halo. So off we went to Cubao X again. Here’s what we ate :

SugarFree Cheese Cupcake, Apple and Cheese Sandwich, Batangas Coffee

All in all, after the shopping (I still had things to buy after, like Bakugan toy, Gugo shampoo, Yacon tea, hair treatment, ampalaya capsules, and mangga’t bagoong) and the eating and chikahan, our day was one heckuva bonding moment that bestie and I missed. The only thing (or person, rather) missing was Jenny, the long lost bestie.


the besties -- 2 out of 3


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