a new venture…

Late last year, an old boss wanted to collaborate with me in doing a marketing business for small companies in the US. He started to get some ideas from his son and other sources and emailed all of them to me. The issues we have that gives us reason not to start yet are:

1. He’s busy with his “real” business which is in Real Estate — based in Joplin, Missouri (He has about 4 more properties to sell)

2. I’m busy with the current job I have (as an Assistant to a CEO of a Real Estate company in Dallas, Texas)

3. Our ideas are all but ideas. I have too many “vague” ideas. No solid plans yet.

I think I’ll start putting my ideas on paper so I’d have something to present to him. What I love about this ex-boss is that he treats me as an equal. During the time that I worked for him, he gave me advances, he sent me a Christmas gift and he was absolutely an adorable person. I’m 1/3 his age, but he knows the word RESPECT and TRUST.


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