the 29th..

It’s my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary today. Nothing unusual. In fact, its one of those ordinary days. They do not celebrate this event anymore. Nothing to celebrate about. They separated a couple of years ago. And I know that they’re living their own lives according to what they think is best for them.

This day still haunts me though. Every time I know its coming, it still gives me the creeps. No, I’m not hoping for a reconciliation. God knows I wouldn’t want that. Not after what my mom (I saw it firsthand) has been through. I am just sad that things happened the way they did. When I was little, I thought things were as perfect as I see them. Now it feels like the world has turned upside down for me. I don’t regret it though. It made me who I am now. And now that I have a family of my own.. an adorable family, that is my source of happiness, at least I know what my priorities should be.

So in my own “celebration” of this day… let me do a letter for both of them:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Even though the marriage was far from perfect.. I still thank God for letting you two meet. Or else, my brother and I won’t exist. But aside from this obvious reason, I am thankful because He made you what you are now despite and in spite of these circumstances. I still love you no matter what. And I will forever be your grateful daughter.

I hope you both find peace and happiness.

God Bless us all,



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