work and depression

Being a virtual assistant, there certainly are downsides to it.  One and very important would be INSTABILITY. As virtualists, we don’t have employment contracts to sign nor are we protected by our country’s government. You can say, we’re kind of an underground thing. But this is what pays the bills and buys milk and education for my kids… so I stick to it.

Just last week, 3 of my colleagues resigned. Different reasons of course, but I should say, it was a result of the immense pressure we’re now getting from our boss. Its either we deliver or we’re out. Thats his principle. If he doesn’t like what we do and how we do it.. we get kicked out. He’s the client, we’re business owners. And our business? Render services.

Now I can feel the pressure. I feel that anytime soon I’ll get the boot. And thats what worries me. Considering that most of our expenses comes from my pay as a virtual assistant. And even if I consider working for a company outside my home, I don’t think I’d get the same amount.



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