Our 7th Year

So how exactly did we spend our 7th Anniversary together? Actually, it’s not much but I felt it was one the best ones we’ve had.

It was a weekday so I had to do with what’s left of it for me and the hubby. He had work til 2:30pm and I wake up at around the same time (a little earlier actually). We met up for what was supposed to be just late lunch but ended up (me and my impulsiveness) watching a really cheesy movie (make way for my Pinoy movie madness) and eating BigMacs. Aftet the movie, I had this idea to start my Chopstick Project. Its month long project wherein I’d use chopsticks on all meals (unless its totally awkward). Since I’ve had this chinovela addiction which started a few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to use chopsticks like they do on TV. And learn Mandarin too. But that would have to wait. So, I bought myself a chopstick set (5 actually!) and started to use it for dinner that day. I’ve also had this other idea (more like craving!) to buy some groceries so the hubby and I can cook when we get home and share our anniversary celeb with my mom and our 2 boys.

We bought and cooked Buttered Garlic Shrimps and a mean Chopsuey. =) This really made our day special.

To the hubby…

Happy 7th Anniversary. I hope we’re past that 7-year itch. Haha. I love you so much. Thank you for being there always.


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