Yet another trial?

I am soo used to having these “kinds” of people admire my hubby, but only now did I really feel that something’s not right.. okay, maybe not now but it’ll come.

Call me neurotic, but I have that gut feel that this person is trying to do something. And I don’t like it. No matter how big the assurance of my better half to me is, I still don’t like it.

Know what this feels? It’s like the saying “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”… like exactly! When this person sends the hubby texts, it seems that this person wants to feel they have a connection. When this person knows its me who answers the messages, this person would simply ignore me. This person also invites me to go out with them (hubby and friends and that person) just so this person could spend more time with the hubby or get to know the competition (who is me!).

I hate it.

I don’t like to name names and I feel its better that way. Not that I’m even concerned about that person –hell no! It’s for me and my family. I’m selfish that way!


On Makeovers

Just last week, I had done 2 major (yes, I consider this major!) makeovers for myself. I had my hair “rebonded” or to some countries, they call it Japanese Thermal Straightening (thanks Lori!). And also, my teeth have braces now! (shock!!!)
I’m not sure if this has something to do with my feeling of insecurity but at least this keeps me sane during these times. You’ll later find out why…
So yeah, wish me luck =)