Baguio Trip : a 2nd Honeymoon – Part 1

Just this weekend, the hubby and I went to majestic Baguio. It was something I planned for less than a week, sensing that the hubby and I needed a break from all the madness at work and at home. Plus, Baguio is one location the hubby has been dying to see. Yes, he’s one of the unfortunates who hasn’t been to the city… until this weekend.
We didn’t bring a car and instead rode on a bus to save us the hassle of high-priced gas, long drive and getting lost. For a measly 430pesos (plus 5pesos for travel insurance) each, (I was actually considering an 800-1000pesos fare) it was all worth it. I left my job 3 hours before my shift was supposed to end just so we can make it to Baguio earlier, knowing that the trip was about 7hours (including stopovers). But when we got to the terminal and was about to buy tickets for the 5am trip, we were told that the next available bus is at 6am already. 4am and 5am has been fully booked. We had no choice but to go with it. Believe me, we tried to call other terminals to see if we can go early, but their next availability is at 7am!

While on the road, the hubby and I got so excited that it took some time before we were able to sleep. I had about 4hours of sleep while the hubby had somewhere about 2hours. I couldn’t recline my seat ’cause I was too shy that I might inconvenience the one seating behind me, so as a result, tremendous neck and back pains. But these were easily pacified when we got to the mountains. I’m not a fan of zigzag roads especially when they’re right next to a steep ravine. So I had to keep my eyes stuck to the foggy mountains in the horizon and the wondrous view. We arrived at past 1pm and yes, I was hungry. But first, we had to find a hotel. The previous day, I booked at Hotel Veniz, texted, called and emailed them that I was expecting a reservation since I didn’t look for any other option. When I called their cellphone number, they blatantly rejected. So I had this feeling that they weren’t as hospitable as they’re advertising themselves to be. I wanted to stay in their hotel because of the free wifi. I needed to check on work for a few minutes over the weekend, to make sure I was on track with some projects. Since, I didn’t know anybody in Baguio and don’t know the next best thing, we rode a cab and asked to be brought to Hotel Veniz. And to our dismay, the receptionist told us they didn’t have an available room. So we had to find the nearest, cheapest hotel there is. Please let me not mention the name. It was cheap, yes.. both monetary and physically.
So our trip starts there. Our hotel was near Burnham Park and Session Road, so we walked to find a good restaurant to fill our hungry tummies. We passed by Zola at Session Road and decided that it looks pretty decent and we can go have lunch there. I ordered Lechon Kawali and Ceasar Salad, while the hubby had Pork Asado. There were drinks too. A meal costs about 70-75 pesos.. not bad! At first, we thought the serving was a little small but when we started to down the entrees, it proved us wrong. I loved how the pork was so tender and didn’t have to play tug. The ceasar salad was sooo simple but sooo fresh and yummy. Their pork asado tasted a bit like adobo was also delicious. So Zola was one that we definitely will revisit on our next trip.

To be continued…


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