Motherly issues…

As a mom, I couldn’t help but sometimes blame myself or get depressed if I can’t give what’s best for my kids. A good example would be SCHOOL. I was brought to one of the country’s finest until my mom (and dad) could afford it. And seeing that I’m not able to do the same for my eldest, pains me so much. As a student, I see OUR differences. I see how he has poor diction and enunciation of certain words and how poor his vocabulary is and how he doesn’t know FINGER MATH. It’s a far cry from the school culture I’ve been raised at. And I could easily call my eldest as jologs if I was his age.

My second issue is how I don’t have enough patience to teach my kids what I know and what I WANT them to know. Ironic, yes. I wish there was some sort of a shrink or class for these things. I would gladly sign up, even if that means I’d have to skip on some life’s luxuries.

My third issue is CREATIVITY. I am not a creative mom to think and do activities with the kids. And this is sad. Because from what I remember from my childhood, I have always been alone at home. I never asked questions. I just figured out answers to them, on my own. I may have friends but I wasn’t as sociable as I am now. So these things may have had an effect on how I am as a mom/parent.

If only there was help. My hubby is a very good father and husband but I lack motivation for my part as the mother.


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