There are certain things that my husband is going through lately, that I could probably never understand. I may empathize as we were both disillusioned by our parents’ marriage. You see, we are the type who one could only follow on some TV series or a movie. All so dramatic. But it happens.

He only knew about it now. He had a lifetime of questions and may never really get the right answers. But at least he had some closure. I only he hope he gets by. For me and his kids.


Exercise the right to vote

This year is my very first year to register as a voter. Not because I’m 100% up for it, but because my hubby me to do so. I guess my decision majorly changed during the Cory Aquino wake and burial. It somehow made me realize what my obligation is to the country. And seeing that the current government is not what I expected it to be, just like in the past.

Eversince, I refused to register and vote just because I don’t believe in the government, the people running for office, and the thought that my vote is just one of millions who may or may not count, depending on corruption and greed. But as I see it, people are now more aware of what has been done and what is being done to our ever beloved country. Our nationalism takes place. People fought for our independence and our democracy. Lost their lives just to let us live the way we do now. Just like Jesus, for our salvation. This is a question of faith, hope and love. The 3 wonderful things I learned in the Catholic school I went to.

So by 2010, hoping that the long line during registration won’t piss me off, I am to exercise my right to vote and pick who I think is the best candidate to be president of my country.


My online/virtual business is my sole source of funds. And this is what keeps my family afloat. So making decisions on this business is a family matter. I have to consider the time I spend on it and the number of hours it takes me away from my kids and hubby. Most people think that when you say homebased business, it is just that, homebased. But contrary to this notion, it is the most time-consuming of all businesses I’ve delved into. It requires me to be online almost 24/7 (especially if I have 2 or more projects ongoing at the same time).

Just recently, I was offered an HR post. Salary is small but it offers a compensation package that includes government mandated benefits since its registered here in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to have the usual benefits an office-based employee does, so I thought this is something I should consider.

What failed me was the number of requirements they had. It was more than the regular requirements I’m used to submitting in an office-based work. Much more so, in a virtual setup, where most would only ask for your resume and a short interview. This job had about 20 requirements! And it was time-bound.

During this time, I was starting to get sick and so were my kids. We all had severe colds, headache and was about to have an asthma attack. I guess you could say that when it comes to my kids and their health, I’m all paranoid and frantic. I got so emotional that even if I had half  of my requirements finished, I resigned.

This experience truly opened my eyes to things. Things like commitment and again, the value of family. I would never exchange the time I have for family, even if it meant a better future. I know I always have a choice. And there are other jobs/projects out there for me. God will always provide.

I could never thank my Lord enough

Yes, that’s true. For most of my life, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. And He has always been there. I’m not the super religious kind. I don’t go to church every Sunday. I don’t pray the rosary often. But I know what and who to believe.

I was raised by Catholic parents and grandparents. Never had any influence on my faith until I got older. But my faith never faltered. I’ve always been a Catholic and looks like I’ll always be. Although I respect other religion too. For me, as long as you believe that there’s a higher power, then you’re good. You know there’s a God, no matter what you call him/her/them.

This post is actually a story of how and why I say that I can’t thank my Lord enough. Just this morning I have been so down. My paycheck is late again and I have bills to pay. Not to mention I have a family to feed, a child to take to school, and a mom to help on bills. So yes I’m one of those who gets stressed every time bills come and I don’t have money to pay them. It’s my weakness really. I can’t handle that. I even had migraine to partner that with.

I remember everytime I feel this, one way or another, God helps me in his most mysterious ways. Mid shift at work, I got an email from a potential client, asking me to be online on Skype at 6pm EST. Suddenly, there’s light.

So I waited. Eager to see if this is a good opportunity since I have not been feeling good about my current job, and was contemplating on resigning, if only not for my children and their needs. This job, after all, puts food on our table. It’s a steady income I can rely on. Even if it’s most of the time, late. Then this new client called. He was telling me what to expect on the job (already!) and wanted to ask more about myself. Internet in the Philippines was having issues and the line keeps getting wonky. I asked for his cellphone number and called him through my cellphone. Long distance! But it proved to be worth the call and the $$$. He’s as straightforward as it could get. Very kind and thoughtful too. He asked me how I wanted to be paid. Most of my requests actually worked for him and he was willing to test the waters (it’s his first time to hire a virtual assistant overseas) with me. He was even saying (indirectly) that I could be his manager for a team he wants to put up here in my country. I couldn’t ask for more! And its like there was no end to this euphoria, he even said that my asking salary is THE starting salary. Whoa!

Wouldn’t you agree with my title? Enough said. 🙂

A President worthy of a story

Just last Saturday, August 1, our former President, Cory Aquino succumbed to colon cancer.

If I had the chance to vote when she became President, I would have. But eversince she stepped out of office, I started not to care. I did not believe in the government, I did not believe in its leaders. Maybe because of what I see around me. Now that I’m more than old enough to vote, I still choose not to. Why vote when you don’t believe. Election is just like religion. You choose what you seem is right.

I love Cory Aquino because she is selfless and she is a true disciple of Christ. She believes in the Filipino people and sacrificed her own freedom for our democracy. My Filipina hero.