My online/virtual business is my sole source of funds. And this is what keeps my family afloat. So making decisions on this business is a family matter. I have to consider the time I spend on it and the number of hours it takes me away from my kids and hubby. Most people think that when you say homebased business, it is just that, homebased. But contrary to this notion, it is the most time-consuming of all businesses I’ve delved into. It requires me to be online almost 24/7 (especially if I have 2 or more projects ongoing at the same time).

Just recently, I was offered an HR post. Salary is small but it offers a compensation package that includes government mandated benefits since its registered here in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to have the usual benefits an office-based employee does, so I thought this is something I should consider.

What failed me was the number of requirements they had. It was more than the regular requirements I’m used to submitting in an office-based work. Much more so, in a virtual setup, where most would only ask for your resume and a short interview. This job had about 20 requirements! And it was time-bound.

During this time, I was starting to get sick and so were my kids. We all had severe colds, headache and was about to have an asthma attack. I guess you could say that when it comes to my kids and their health, I’m all paranoid and frantic. I got so emotional that even if I had half  of my requirements finished, I resigned.

This experience truly opened my eyes to things. Things like commitment and again, the value of family. I would never exchange the time I have for family, even if it meant a better future. I know I always have a choice. And there are other jobs/projects out there for me. God will always provide.


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