Exercise the right to vote

This year is my very first year to register as a voter. Not because I’m 100% up for it, but because my hubby me to do so. I guess my decision majorly changed during the Cory Aquino wake and burial. It somehow made me realize what my obligation is to the country. And seeing that the current government is not what I expected it to be, just like in the past.

Eversince, I refused to register and vote just because I don’t believe in the government, the people running for office, and the thought that my vote is just one of millions who may or may not count, depending on corruption and greed. But as I see it, people are now more aware of what has been done and what is being done to our ever beloved country. Our nationalism takes place. People fought for our independence and our democracy. Lost their lives just to let us live the way we do now. Just like Jesus, for our salvation. This is a question of faith, hope and love. The 3 wonderful things I learned in the Catholic school I went to.

So by 2010, hoping that the long line during registration won’t piss me off, I am to exercise my right to vote and pick who I think is the best candidate to be president of my country.


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