Ongoing Projects

Since late last year (around November 2009), I was thinking of a lot of projects that I want to do this year. Here’s my list :

1. Beauty blog – which I already started and is an ongoing project. I try to post at least thrice a week. (

2. Desktop Publishing business – I bought some materials already but haven’t been able to start the business yet. Too much to do, so little time. The usual reason. ^_^ I was able to print some business cards for the virtual boss though. And restored(PS’d) some old pics of my dad-in-law.

3. Coaching Classes – since I have been in the business (VA) for so many years now, I wanted to help some aspirants to do the same thing as I have been doing.. and earn from it! I started to do some writing for ebooks first, then maybe do videos next. We’ll see. 🙂

4. Go back to music – I have been meaning to sing again. (READ : sing beautifully!) For some who might not know, I’ve joined chorales, choirs, glee clubs since I was in the 4th grade. Up until early college. Then came the hubby, and I forgot all about it. Haha! 3 years ago, I bought a MagicSing but lost it. A few days ago, I bought another videoke machine (cheap one) with 58,000 songs and have started practicing how to sing again. Wish me luck!

5. Cooking Blog – just like Julie and Julia movie. One of my many talents (ahem ahem) is cooking. Right in the middle of this VA business, hubby and I ventured into the South Beach Diet delivery biz. We had soooo many clients and earned a lot. But due to the fact that I had to give birth, and stay with my attention-deficit (hey, hey! this is just an exaggeration, k?) baby, i had to stop and go back to being a VA. Now, since I have more time and a new house of my own, I’ll be publishing my recipes soon. New and old – my version =)

So far, that’s whats on my list. Will add more soon.


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