My family and I are on crisis now. Major crisis and the worst we’ve ever had ever since. I find myself crying at times thinking about what to feed the kids or where to get money for bills. For quite some time now, we’re living on the hubby’s salary alone. I have been on the longest depression because of recent events plus the fact that my hormones are going crazy these days.

But even though we are in this situation, I still think that we are blessed. Yes, we are. Kuya Jess never forgot about us. He always, always provides for us. Maybe we’re not as luxurious as we used to, but we get by. We still owe money to some, but we eat well. Plus the fact that I have a lot of people around me who loves me so much, I totally can’t complain.

Sometimes, wealth is not counted by the money that you have or the things that you possess, but by the love you get from people around you. With this, I am filthy rich!


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