Why, oh why!

This is exactly what I want to shout right now. Why? Because for the past weeks (maybe even months), my husband and I have been looking for the best ISP we can find for our new house. If you don’t know yet, my primary bread-and-butter comes solely from working online. So yes, I definitely need this one. Badly!

A few months back, we applied for a PLDT phone line and DSL. Our application got approved and we were asked to make a downpayment of 1,100+. Days after, a PLDT line man went to our house and told us there was no line available anymore. Meaning, if there were 10 slots allotted for our village, all of those were availed already. I had to pull some strings, but no luck.

For some time, I opted for the wireless broadband from Sun and Globe. The one you plug-in to your USB drive. I had to take limited clients. Those who did not require phone calls as these broadband connection were no good at all. Days and weeks passed. My connection went from bad to worst! There were times when there was no connection at all. And that is not acceptable. Not for my business.

Last Saturday, the hubby and I went to Globe Megamall to inquire about their Wi-Max. We were told that there was no 4G signal available in our area but they still assisted us in reserving a slot for the 3g wireless broadband. We decided over the weekend that we will go for it, since we had no choice. Monday came, and my money came. We went to Megamall to finally get this over and done with. We paid for their advance fee and signed their contract. Earlier today, RJ of Globe sent us a message that we need to pay 350php a month for 3months to pay for the router. It was okay since it was an industry standard. Then afternoon came, another message from RJ. This time, he’s telling us that there’s freeze connection in our area so we are asked to go to Globe Megamall to refund our money. Say what?!

Now, I am depressed.

Even the neighbor (who has PLDT), would not agree to share the internet connection with me. Even if I’m to pay for it. Sigh! Double sigh.


One thought on “Why, oh why!

  1. I know how you feel now. Just moved to a new house: everything’s great except there are no more PLDT slots available. I had to let go of my blazing fast myDSL from my old address. I wanna move back. No Internet access is driving me crazy.

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