Missing my Mom…

My mom’s still here. But she will be leaving in a little over a month for the States.

She has been planning this for quite some time now. And it hasn’t struck me as much as it does now, that she will be gone for a long time. The longest time she’s had. My only consolation is that I know she’d be better there.

I mean, I know there’s Facebook and YM and Skype and email. BUT, it will be different. For one, I know my Lola will be broken-hearted. Judging by the way she’s acting everytime we discuss my mom’s soon to be career in the US, she will always either be in a bad mood soonafter or just walk out on us. My mom’s definitely her favorite, whether she’d admit it or not. Ever since my mom was a kid, it was sooo hard for her to go out and meet friends. She’d go through a lot before they’d even allow her. And allow her for how long? Probably about 30minutes max! No kidding!

On me, I would miss going with her to the mall, would miss her fetching us to go to her place, would miss seeing her forever online on Facebook, and would miss just sleeping beside her. I’m not the usual affectionate and showy when it comes to my parents. I wasn’t raised that way. (PDA’s are reserved for the hubby *wink*) But I would miss holding her arms, definitely. If I was a millionaire, it would’ve been different. These are the times when I wished I finished my Nursing degree (I only had a sem left) so I could’ve provided for them. But my heart wasn’t in school at that time. I was focused on getting a job and earning my own money so I could provide for my kids (kid, that time).

So to my mom… I hope you find happiness wherever you’re going. Please don’t forget us. We will miss you. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for everything you’ve done and given us.


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