4 hours MAX

That’s how long I sleep in a day. Except on those days when I get the privilege of having a good 8 hours of sleep. But normally, yes, its 4 hours maximum. What do I do? Well, if you don’t already know (from previous posts), I am a virtual assistant and my usual (and ONLY) clients are not local. They’re either in the US, UK or Australia. So my working time depends on their business hours.

A recent client was in the UK and required me to be online until 6PM his time.. which was about 1AM on mine. Of course, I won’t be sleeping at exactly 1AM, right? I had to do my usual night routine of (don’t laugh!) playing Bejeweled on my phone.. which by the way, lulls me to sleep. Then I wake up at 5AM to prepare my (eldest) kids things and food for school. We have a yaya-less household now. And although, this takes extra patience, I’d rather have no yayas for now. It’s a raising-up issue. Until my kids know the value of having no househelp, I will have no yaya, period! I mean… we get by. Yes, I may have 2 really patience-draining kids (and 1 more on its way), but other families have survived. Plus, the fact that we’re kinda low on the budget side, we really have to work it.

So there, my daily NORMAL sleeping hours. What about you?


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