Frustrations on a Friday morning…

Because of an impending deadline, I had to sleep at (almost) 4AM so I can at least rest for an hour before I wake up again and prep for my eldest son’s school. It turns out, I woke up at quarter to 7, and his school bus has almost arrived. So I had to wake him up, tell him to take a bath and ask him what he wants to do. If he can go to school by himself by walking or taking a tricycle… on his own. I asked because I can’t leave the house and accompany him. The second kid was sleeping and can’t be left alone. Next thing I know, the eldest said he didn’t want to go to school anymore! And it was his exam week!

Patience! Patience! Where are you???

Well, he ended up going to school really late. I went with him but only until the tricycle terminal.

And the my day goes on…. frustrations continue.


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