Some alone time…

So I’m alone again in the house.. except for the little one inside my tummy šŸ™‚ Hubby and the 2 boys went to see their grandma. As much as I would not want them exposed to “some” people, I have learned to compromise. And the fact that I do love and respect my husband, I have to succumb to what fate has brought us. When they all grow up and have learned to understand, I will tell them the story and bravely let them know what I have gone through just to bring them up OUR way. I’m still deciding though on what age would be best. I’d rather not have them get all confused and rebellious during their teenage years, so its probably after that time. We’ll see how mature they get. And on what circumstance we are at that time. I may be sooo at peace with what I have and what I am, that I will soon forget. I hope so. I’d rather not bring this grudge to my grave. And I wouldn’t want to risk getting cancer just because of some non-important thing.

Oh well.. alone time gets me thinking. Don’t know if I like it or not.


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