News today…

Another bad news reached me today. Thanks to my Tita Baby, who works in the same company as the hubby. She said that my hubby will take a “vacation” every other 2 weeks from work. Simply because our dear new President has not given his signature for the new money. By the way, the hubby works in Central Bank, printing department to be exact. So yes, this saddens me as I have absolutely no work too. I chose not to work anymore a few weeks ago ’cause I’m having difficulty in my pregnancy. My work entails sitting in my desk for more than 8 hours at a time. Sometimes without break. And being in a yaya-less household, its really difficult when you have 2 kids roaming around the house, either shouting or crying or doing just about anything that would really test my patience.

Now, what do I do? Find another work? I don’t feel like it but what choice do I have? I’m down to my last few pesos and I know the hubby is too. We still have bills to pay and pending debts.

I’m starting to hate this. 😦


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