It’s past 12 already and I’m still up. I can’t help it. I’m not feeling well. I’ve been feeling sick since Saturday and lazy for the rest of my pregnancy (I’m almost 8 months now). So what have I been doing? A couple of things, actually. I’m reading an ebook by Seth Godin entitled Who’s There. Its about the basics of blogging (or something). I’m halfway done but I felt that since it wasn’t getting my full attention, I’d rather stop. I would’ve wanted to watch local TV and see what’s up on the teleseryes I’ve been stuck up on for the past few months. But again, I got too lazy. So here I am, playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook and trying to blog. I wanted to make this blog a sort of like a journal of all my thoughts and whatnots, but as it seems, that’s not happening.  Now, I won’t make those tiny promises, not even to myself.

I was also thinking of going back to working since I know the hubby is .. well, kind of having a really hard time looking for money to make ends meet. And I can’t buy the things I crave for, like fruits and Coke Zero. Or even ask the hubby to bring me to the mall just so I can sit and look at people and things. I can’t even get myself a decent pedicure! Gah!

My mom called me earlier at around 7:30pm. She said they (her and my aunts and uncle, who are all in NJ for a vacation) just woke up and was calling to ask how we were and what we want for pasalubong. I said the usual stuff. I almost just repeated what I wrote her on a Facebook message.   I didn’t bother to give her details on what I’ve gone through with my endocrinologist this past week (the doctor asked me to get insulin shots again.. twice a day, plus 3-5 times of having my blood sugar level checked). I know it’ll be one of her worries. She knows my financial status right now. I wouldn’t want that to happen since she’s in NJ to enjoy. Besides, this is my own battle. The perks of having a diabetic father with a diabetic family. Sigh.

The hubby has been productive lately. He has done some home improvements, starting with putting a screen on all the windows, getting our “old” stuff from her mom’s place (no, we’re still not in speaking terms but she MAY be feeling a little soft on the hubby and the kids… or so I think), “renovating” our garage so we can park (mom’s) car inside and not worry about drunken neighbors throwing empty bottles of beer around when they feel like it, and putting a technicolored brick “road” in the garden and laundry area. Feels like Oz 🙂 LOL. Thanks hubby!

Our new “yaya” is also doing some garden makeover. I told her I want flowers all over. And that’s what she does even before she takes a bath in the morning. Unfortunately, she will be leaving soon (she’ll be here only for a month) because of some traumatic experience she’s had with a previous employer. She needs time to rest and heal herself. I wouldn’t want a(nother) lunatic in the house, do I?

That’s about it for now. I may have more blah blah stories soon. But we’ll see how I’m feeling in a few days. If I can actually blog about it. LOL. Tata!


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