A splash of cold water…

Last night, the hubby called me and told me that he’s chatting with his uncle. And that he said, hubby is about to leave in about 8 weeks or less. Wait, what?! 8 weeks?! That doesn’t give us enough time! There’s never an ENOUGH time! And every time I think about it, I really feel sad and get teary eyed. If at all, I wouldn’t want any one of us (even my mom!) leaving the country. If we do, it’ll be all of us. I feel a panic attack. I think of ways on how I can go back to work or at least put up a small biz so I can convince the hubby not to go. I feel bad that his mom does not realize the value of being together. That she would rather spend her money on worthless things rather than give it to his son to start a small something so he doesn’t have to leave. I know my mom would NEVER let me leave for a measly amount and with the knowledge that I would be devastated to leave my family. Surely, all mothers are different.

This reality is something that I would wish was a dream. A very bad dream.


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