Happy to be unhappy…

I will be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. The other day, I almost felt like I was about to pop.

I told the hubby that I don’t think I’ll be due in November… definitely earlier. And that he should prep for stuff like MONEY, baby clothes, bottles, etc. I’m not sure if I’ve said this enough, but I DON’T WORK. Well, at least not now that I’m pregnant. I get projects, yes. But these are only penny projects. The ones where I earn $4-5 per gig. And its NOTHING really. I haven’t even withdrawn them since it will just go to fees if I do. Let’s just say, this is my own piggy bank. I may be able to save something for Three when she comes out. (like a barette LOL)

Earlier today, we had another good news. The hubby’s mom plans to give some help for another set of home improvements. Not much, but it will definitely help us especially with a new baby coming. I even told the hubby that since his mom and I aren’t on speaking terms, he can bring me to the mall and ask his mom to visit our house so she can see. I’m quite open to these things. I’ve finally been at peace with stuff like these so I don’t really mind. Desiderata on the move. Acceptance is definitely the key. If we can’t change things, let things change us.. for the better!

Now, I’m home alone while the boys are at the inlaws and I guess will be grocery shopping too. I’m not super happy but I’m definitely not unhappy too.


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