I need a yaya

Last month, we employed a yaya who was the mother of my mom’s yaya. We weren’t supposed to get one yet since cash was a bit tight, plus I wanted the kids to learn to do things on their own. I wanted to be as domesticated as possible too. But since I was feeling really heavy the last couple of months, and haven’t been able to really help the hubby with the chores. Poor hubby! So when mom’s yaya sent me a text (with her usual obnoxious remarks), and told me that her mom is available to work, I said yes.

Just a week after we employed her, we felt that she was not worth the money we were paying her. I mean, she’s nice and polite. Much polite than her daughter. But if we have to push her and tell her everytime, what to do. She forgets EVERYTHING! She doesn’t know some Tagalog words, which was fine. And she scrubbed my Teflon pan to death. Mind you, I’m an OC when it comes to my things like my kitchen stuff. Imagine my shock and disappointment when I found out what she did. But I still kept my diplomacy. I went and told her what its for and what her mistake is. End of story. (Well, not so, since I had to vent out to my mom and my tita)

This is what her daily schedule looks like, srsly.

6AM – wakes up and cooks rice and baon for the eldest. She also tries to wake him up but fails since she only knocks on our bedroom door once or twice, period.

7AM – washes the laundry that I (yes, I still do it) start before I sleep the night before. And puts them on the clothes hanger.

8AM – 10AM – She does a little cleaning (very little!) and goes out to the garden to see if it needs weeding.. srsly!

10AM – 12NN – She sleeps or does whatever. And NO, she DOES NOT ask us what to cook for lunch nor does she cook anything at all. If we don’t cook, nobody eats. That’s how it is.

12NN-1PM – She eats like a carpenter. Thrice what I used to eat. And I’m not kidding. Washes the dishes for about 30 minutes (FYI : We have only a max of 4 soiled plates and glasses).

1PM-4PM – I don’t really know what she does during this time. I don’t see any improvement on the house or on anything around it.

5PM – She goes out and takes care of the garden (again!)

6PM onwards – We cook, she eats. She washes dishes for 30 minutes or more. End of day.

Do you get what I mean?

Another issue I have is, she eats with us. I mean, its okay IF we’re already at ease with our yaya. And she respects our space. But this one… NO! I feel as if we’re living with a relative from the province who’s old. Old and meddles with our decisions. I hate that.

I’ve also recently had trust issues with househelp. Our previous yaya (prior to this one) was the culprit for me not wanting to trust or treat them as actual friends. You see, I used to have talks with our yayas. I get to know them by chatting with them when I have time. I get to know what their background is, family, friends, previous employer, etc. But this time around, I will put a barrier. I will let them know who’s boss. I guess that previous experience really taught me well and good on what I should be doing and how I should act.

Anyway, I need a new yaya for the new baby. A yaya who will know her place and know her duties. I’m thinking about writing something and printing it out for the new yaya. Some form of briefing before she accepts the job. Much like that of a new hire orientation on offices. Just so we both know that we’re on the same page. That she understands me and understands what she’s getting herself into. Not someone who just thinks she’s here because we need someone to LOOK at us and to tend to her suitors on the phone or whatever. It should be clear that she’s here to work. That all else are privileges that comes with being a househelp. Harsh as it may seem, I’ve had my fair share of abusive people so it won’t hurt at all to be cautious and careful.


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