I was a balloon…

I used to do all things to make myself thin. You see, since I was a kid, I was a chubby lil girl. There are only a few occasions where I can say that I’ve reached my ideal weight. One was in Grade 6, when I starved myself and only drank Nutrilicious Orange juice or Mango juice while I was at school. I eat as soon as I get home. Binge! Once for the rest of the day. Then when I was in college. I don’t remember what I was doing, but I was definitely on the diet. There are some other few occasions but all were short-lived, meaning, I managed to get all the fat back again in such a short period of time.

march 2001

When I was pregnant with the eldest, I was in an okay weight when I started. Then I began to pig out and eat all that my taste buds felt like eating. I was soooo into barbecue, ice cream and Mcdonalds. Nothing healthy, I must admit. So by the time I gave birth, if you think I looked super fat, well, not really! But I almost had pre-eclampsia and my feet was edematous. I was retaining fluids in my feet! And it looked like I had elephantiasis. Eeew!

Okay, not as gross… 🙂

On my second pregnancy, I liked how I looked. I wasn’t fat and I wasn’t thin. I was average. And I didn’t have bloated face either. Which is a definite plus for pregnant women like me.

5mos pregnant with Migs

Now that I’m pregnant with Three (my baby Tanya), I think I’m way too thin. I almost didn’t gain anything since I conceived. I remember going to my OB on my 2nd month and was about 67kgs (eeew!), and on my 6th month, I was 70! Only! 3kgs? With a big bump? How could that happen? And now that I’m seeing another doc, an endocrinologist for my diabetes.. and taking insulin shots .. and having 5 blood sugar tests every day… I almost DO NOT eat rice during meals. I make do with about 2-3 tablespoons of rice every meal. 😦 Just because I’m afraid that my sugar level would shoot up and I would need more insulin shots, which means, more money for the shots. Oh dear!

Here’s a pic I took about 2 weeks ago, with my second kid, Migsy.

I’m 33-34 weeks when this was taken. Look at how old and thin I am! If you’ve seen me when I was only 2 months pregnant, it seemed so weird that I’m thinner now. Gah! Look!

2-3 months

Told yah!

So there. I wonder how I’ll look AFTER I give birth 😀


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