Its my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to..

It’s almost 2am and I still don’t feel that its the 15th of October already. I mean, I used to s**t tons before my birthday comes. I had the kilig moments and the can’t sleep moments. Now, yes, I still can’t sleep, but not because it is my birthday, but because I’ve been like this for the past few days for who-knows-why.

A lot of people has greeted me over on Facebook, which is more than how many used to greet me the previous years. No I’m not complaining. I’m actually ecstatic. But I know for a fact that some of these people won’t actually be greeting me or even remember my birthday, if not for Facebook reminders. But as I’ve said, I am thankful.

Its been 2 days straight that I’ll be sleeping with a heavy heart. I don’t want to give details as its still frustrating and I don’t want to delve much into these things. At least one good thing that has come out from today would be that I’ve reached 30! I’m officially off being 29, which is an unlucky age according to the elders. Any age with 9 on it, that’s what they say.

Another good thing, by the way, is that I got to see Razorback again (on Music Uplate Live) today. I feel all nostalgic and giddy. I remember my “alternative to heavy rock band” days when I was in high school! There was even a time when my whole class (Grade 7-Tagbanua) wanted to record Jon Bon Jovi’s interview at a radio station and we almost got in trouble because of that. I also (almost) joined an alternative band who were composed of friends (Eaglets – explanation totally deserves a new post). They were called Stargazer Lilies then. Why? They were all fans of Kurt Cobain and Stargazers were Kurt Cobain’s fave flowers. LOL

Anyway… I wish this is not how I’d feel when I wake up. I’m still hoping for a more joyous birthday today. Its out of my hands though. Wish me luck .. and a happy birthday too! 🙂


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