Trust issues

Hubby woke me up this morning to tell me that my grandma’s househelp suddenly left without saying anything. She was supposed to leave on the 15th of November so she can pay for her fare which we paid for when she went to Manila. Actually, it was fare plus some salary advance. Our usual “contract” for these househelp who came from Bukidnon was that, they finish at least a year so we can let them off the hook, so to speak.

Lately, we have been having maid/yaya issues. This makes me think so much about having to trust people other than those you know. I mean, these yayas are not exactly people you know, right? I should really be asking for some form of clearance.. police or NBI, at that… so I can truly be at ease. This certain yaya was NOT even left alone in the house! She just left while my grandma was sleeping! Talk about a thief in the night.

We’re still not sure what she has taken, but definitely, she owes us her fare and that salary advance. This is not the first time that this has happened from people in her circle. There was another incident early this year when, anotherkababayan also left my 3-year-old cousin alone in their house. Again, not paying her fare and salary advance. This yaya also took a cellphone which was only handed to her for emergency purposes inside the house. NOT GIVEN!

Our previous yaya (before this last one), had some serious trust issues with me too. For one, I am VERY considerate when it comes to our househelp. I converse with them and I try to know each and every detail of their lives. I befriend them. I think its because I empathize and I know how they feel being away from their family and loved ones. And come meal time, hubby and I even allow them to eat with us! Same table, same food. Whatever’s in our pantry and refrigerator, are all there ready for them to eat. I don’t tell them not to eat this and that. Well, maybe except for those that are for my diabetes meal. I don’t give them a schedule like some others, because I think that as long as they keep our house and our children clean, then we’re good to go. My only peeve is that when I look for a certain something, usually my stuff for work or personal things, they’d know where it is. Thing is, I am a self-confessed makalat person. BUT I know where I put my things. I would even describe it to you IN FULL DETAIL. That’s how my brain works. All scattered but very photographic. LOL

I don’t get it. I mean, we are an average family with average needs. I’m not thesungit type. Though at times, I must admit, I have an attitude. But VERY tolerable, k? Haha. Point is, we don’t treat our maids like others. We don’t even ask for clearances or whatnots. Most of our yayas, we only know by first name. We don’t bother asking their background because we are trusting like that.

But this has ALL changed. Because of these maids we’ve had for the past year. Oh, and yes, I will be very paranoid from now on. Can’t blame me, can you?


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