The waiting game and naming names

Literally! We are waiting for baby Three to arrive. In about 12 hours, I will be a proud mommy of a new baby girl. Yay!


Last night, the hubby and I decided that we will name her Tanya Julien. She’s our last (I say last because I will have a tubal ligation procedure tomorrow too) baby and our only girl, so we wanted to have both our names on hers. Tanya was derived (obviously!) from my name, Tiffany. And Julien, is (again!) from his name Julius. We’re actually proud of what we’ve thought of despite the numerous debate on what second name we should give her. We didn’t want her taking so much time writing down her name when she’s already in school, k? We’re not evil parents or anything like that. Well, maybe sometimes we are. Haha.

Tanya Julianne was supposedly our second child’s name, because at 6-7 months, we were told by a sonologist from Javillonar Hospital in Pasig that the baby’s a she. Well, he’s a he. And his name now is Santiago Miguel. Miguel was a common fave but Santiago was a last minute decision since I felt that if we only named him Miguel, it wouldn’t be fair to his kuya, whom we named Antonio Luis (Antonio is my lolo’s name, while Luis came from Lucila which is the hubby’s mom’s name).

Bored much? Yeah, me too! 🙂

See our pic as soon as we got here in Chinese General Hospital. A blogger couldn’t resist, could she?



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