Shopping for Three, at last!

Yesterday, after all the hard day’s work, hubby sent me a message to prep for the mall so we can buy Three’s clothes and some baby stuff. I was soooo glad that our budget finally came and that I was going with them and pick the stuff up myself. Hooray!

Of course, since we were on a tight budget, I was slowly (but surely) listing all the important things that Three needs when she comes out. From top priority to the least and to the things that we can do without. But thinking about it, I really feel that what we had in mind for the money we’d spend can’t even buy half of what we need. Boohoo! I can’t wait to go back to work so I can contribute on the expenses. Its only now that I truly appreciate what I had when I had them. This realization may turn me into a workaholic soon enough. Add that to the fact that the hubby is still planning to go abroad to work. Gaaad!

Anyway, here are yesterday’s pics…

we had dinner at Shakey’s SM Fairview.. which by the way, had really bad service! Imagine, we had to wait for more than 30minutes when they promised it will only take 10-15minutes! And, one of our orders was not available but they didn’t tell us until after we were following up. Sheesh! This has been the 2nd time we’ve experienced the same service from the same place. Hubby and I were wondering why we even bothered to go back.

Anyway, at least we accomplished a big thing for our big girl. 🙂


LATE POST : October 22, 2010


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