I fell in LOVE the 4th time

I say 4th because… first time was with the hubby 10 years ago. We will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary (not as husband and wife but as a couple) on the 25th of November. Our love story did not start with starry eyes and butterflies in our tummies. A year before I said yes to him, he was just a seatmate (if you notice – for those who know us personally – our last names are almost alike) who bothers me for extra paper during our Sociology class with Miss Cruz (our fave teacher) and someone who reeks with too much perfume when he passes by. Told you it was not a good sight – at first πŸ™‚ A year after, I suddenly felt different (for no apparent reason, I LIKED him this time around). I think I felt that he still liked me too. So I pursued.. well, sort of. And he quickly took the bait. He was with someone then. A weird someone. But I was “the one that got away” for him and he still loves me (I’m still proud of this fact til now), so he said goodbye to the other and hello to me. And that was the start. πŸ™‚

Second time was when I bore our first son. He was everything to us. It wasn’t flowers and cupcakes either, but he was the fruit of the love that bound the hubby and I. Our first born. Our pride and joy.

Years later, we became pregnant with our second son. We thought that he was a SHE (because of some weird ultrasound procedure done by a weird local hospital). We were hoping for a girl so we can stop procreating. But God had other plans. And who are we to ask. Our little Miguel was so adorable and the hubby loves him so much. He was the one who was constantly in and out of the hospital. He was born hypoglycemic because I had Gestational Diabetes. He had Kawasaki Syndrome and Pneumonia. Quite lucky when it comes to his health (sarcasm there!). But he got by. And I’m still praying to dear God that he will not go through any setbacks anymore, whether it be health or whatever.

Now, almost 2 weeks after I bore our 3rd child, my 4th love, I am in awe of all things thats her. I can’t help but be teary eyed just watching her sleep. It may be the fact that she’s our LAST child (I had a Bilateral Tubal Ligation done right after I gave birth) or the fact that she’s our only girl or just because I am her mother and she’s my child. It may be part of postpartum too. I don’t know. I’m quite emotional and sensitive these days. The hubby noticed that too.


I love all 4! And I’m willing to sacrifice ANYTHING just to make them happy. πŸ˜€



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