Hating the neighbors

No, I’m not the typical hate-my-neighbor bitch! But when you live less than 10meters away from really noisy-neighbors-when-they’re-drunk-or-singing-videoke-or-just-plain-shouting is when I really get irked.

We’ve stayed in this rent-to-own house for quite some time now. I love the weather, and the fact that we get to own this piece of land in a few years. But what the heck is the deal with the neighbors, really? At first, the hubby and I thought that we were the least “productive”(rich) in this area since everybody else bragged about where they work or what degree they’re finished at what school. But the longer we stay here and the more we know about these people, I can safely say WE ARE, by far, BETTER than MOST. Whether it be financial, ethical or even physical! LOL..

Do you feel this sometimes?

Right now, somebody’s shouting her lungs out at who-the-heck-knows-who? Another “drunken” sitch also happened yesterday. I mean, is this a DAILY routine? Oh no!


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