Rainy Monday surprise

This morning, I decided to check my emails first thing. And I found a surprise.

You see, I’m used to having clients email me every now and then to ask if I’m available in providing my VA services. It’s the particular client that was the surprise. Our last correspondence was about me getting a generator for the house so my electricity will not pose as a problem when I provide my VA services for him. Of course, this was a HUGE liability if I was to purchase one. I have had clients who paid me 4 times as much as this client does, and never did they ask/request me to get one. So I told him, that its either he buys it for me or its a no go. He didn’t answer. I think that it was sooo unpro and I didn’t bother to follow it up. I was getting the lazy bug anyway.

And now he emails. Asking about me and my family, and if I was available to work for him again. I am considering my priorities right now and my principles. I have said before that family always comes first. And now that we have a baby in the house, I’m not sure if I can do UK business hours, which is afternoon til midnight our time. But the thought of being able to earn (some) money is quite tempting. We can definitely do with extra moolah now that there are 3 kids plus mortgage. Sigh! Another tear-me-up decision.

What to say?


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