Regrets regrets

Do you feel like sometimes you want to take back things you did and words you said? I definitely do.  Not because I feel remorse and would like the person I did wrong to, to forgive me. No. This is solely for my own sanity.

It has been months and months that I have been feeling these mixed emotions, these highs and lows. That I would not want to continue feeling them and having them take the best of me sometimes. I do get cranky and bitchy when I’m actually not feeling well. May this serve as a warning not to be anywhere near me during these fits. Things could really get ugly. Add that to hormones flying here and there during the first few weeks of conception… oh oh oh! The result? Exactly what happens twice in a row now.

I can’t help but blame my so-called times-of-monstrosities. It has happened twice! Twice! And I only have 3 children! Well, anyway… back to the topic..

If only things didn’t happen the way they did, would our life be easier? Better? I really don’t know. But one thing’s for sure… I wish it didn’t make me feel what I felt (and still do) these past months. That my children are spared from the situation and the result of such action. 😦


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