Ack! I have dry skin…

Now, this is an understatement! After taking a bath today, (and since I’m alone in the house) I checked my face in the mirror. Something I haven’t done in a long, long time. And I realized that my face was like 10 to 20 years older than what it’s supposed to be. I used to be JUST FINE. I mean, I don’t use anything on my face. Not even soap. I try though, but it just makes me break out, so I stop. Almost everyone I know, compliments my really good skin (no pimples, put powder and it would seem like I have foundation). Now I highly doubt somebody would even notice. Maybe that’s why people have been calling me “ate” nowadays. I used to get offended, especially when it’s soooo obvious that they were ages ahead of me. But now I think I understand. Oh dear! Sahara desert, I see you in the mirror!

I’m about to try this starter pack of Olay Regenerist that the bestfriend gave me. I really, really hope that this would do some miracle on my skin. I definitely need one now!


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