Home alone.. again

Not completely, this time. I’m with baby T. But in a few hours, her daddy will fetch her and bring her to the “other side”. Because of my rift with the MIL, this is the situation for quite some time now. The kids and the hubby go there, while I, stay at home and wait. I used to think that alas, its ME time. But I easily get bored and focus on the fact that I don’t have anyone with me. I don’t like it. I’ve grown too much dependent on the hubby’s presence, which I know will make it harder for me when he finally leaves for that job abroad. I’m secretly hoping that he won’t have to. Either we win the lottery or we both get a really cool and high paying job. Mine would have to be homebased though.

My only companion during these times? My house. And what’s in it. Like this laptop. And internet connection. I wish I had a hobby that I would be so passionate about that I’d forget the


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