Work and whatnots

Started to work this Monday, and so far, so good. I mean, except for the fact that it takes time away from dear babies and hubby, it would pay some bills and debts. I really shouldn’t complain. After all, I asked for this. And He gave it to me. (Thank you, Lord!)

But yes, I certainly lack in the sleep department. A few hours here and there. In the morning, when I’m supposed to be dreaming, I take care of baby T and do some chores. I also can’t sleep even if I tried to. I’m used to being awake in the mornings.

I’m alone again today since the hubby, Migs and baby T are out. They’re at the MIL’s house (where I’m banned from – read previous posts). Again, I should not complain since we have been getting our moneys and supplies from her for the past months. She bought my eldest a new queen sized bed worth 46thousand! I would’ve been angry if it was the hubby’s idea and OUR money, but since it isn’t, I’ll just shush and show gratitude in one way or another.

pic of lil' Migsy enjoying the new bed

As for me, I’ll continue working on projects until I pay debts and have enough to last us til’ the hubby leaves and sends his paycheck. As for the hubby leaving, that’s another post.



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