Holiday blues

Holidays are supposed to be all jolly, like in my childhood. It’s different now. Different this year.

A few days ago, we received the news that the hubby’s working visa (and permit) is ready and just waiting for his requirements. While it’s good news work-wise, I still felt that it was one of the worst I ever got. I mean, it is Christmas! The season for family and togetherness! Why bring us this news now? Can’t it wait ’til after New Year? The fact that this only gives us a few weeks/days, is not something I’m joyed about. The past few months have brought us both closer to each other and the kids. We have had our share of downs, but definitely our ups outweighed those. I have grown to be so dependent on the hubby for just about anything. I am spoiled, yes. And I plan to be like this for a couple more years. NOT days.

Just thinking about it makes me really sad. I know the hubby is, too. Even though he tells me that we need this opportunity, I know deep within him, he wishes that it was in a different circumstance. A nearer circumstance.

This is one of the things I resent, given the situation. I mean, he could very well have his own small business. If only some people does not prioritize pride over family. Can’t blame them though. Don’t want to. I’m done with all the hate and should only fill myself and my family with love, love, love.

I wish I had more time.


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