Discovering and Loving Quilted Bags

No, this is not a paid post. I just happen to browse one of my gradeschool/highschoolmate’s  blog and she has introduced me to wonderful world of Vera Bradley bags. I am now loving the quilt and the paisley prints and the flowers! Aaaacckk!! A new addiction? I hope not.


Top Handle Duffel in Navy Microfiber

Now, this is pure love!!!


You see, Vera Bradley bags are not available in the Philippines (methinks.. please correct me if it is! please!), so what’s my game plan? Make one! Although this prospective new hobby may take some time to materialize, if my passion won’t fail me, I will definitely pursue. One of the few good things that I can think of that would occupy my lonely days and nights without the hubby. Sigh.

Here are more pictures of the Vera Bradley bags ❤

Crossbody in Lemon Parfait

21" Expandable WheelAboard in Purple Punch

Get Carried Away Tote in Buttercup

These are just pure pure love, I tell ya! Whoops, I just said that earlier. LOL.

I’m hoping to get my hands on one of these soon. Or at least make myself one of these. 🙂



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