When it rains, it pours

Today started not great. I woke up late because I was feeling bad due to a cold and not-so-sure-what-else. Then I saw the eldest still asleep.. at 7:30AM! Gaaad! I’m not sure what the yaya’s doing since I’ve instructed her numerous times to wake (one of) us up and not stop knocking on our door until somebody answers. But no! I think what I say fall on deaf ears. Sigh.

Then when I went out to our comfort room in the living area, I saw that there was  NO FAUCET. Gaaad! Yaya, the things you do! Magical! Sheesh. Then I asked her. She said she accidentally sat on it while cleaning the bathroom. OMG, ’nuff said.

Another issue was SOMEBODY unplugged the refrigerator! Gaaad! Asked yaya, she said she didn’t touch it. Not sure what to believe since everybody else was asleep before the hubby saw this. OMG again.

Then, the hubby got an email from PNG (the place where he’ll be starting Sunday :< ), telling him that he needs to bring his papers from POEA (which JAO International Manpower Agency is processing) to Air Niugini in Makati. Problem is, no papers yet and no update from the agency. He was trying to call the agency but all contact numbers are either busy or can’t be reached. So-ho. After a few hours, he was able to contact them. But, he had to leave and go to their office, which means I’ll be left at home with a plumber working on the faucet (and some other stuff), a yaya who seems to be abdsent-minded lately not-sure-why, and 2 kulit kids. And yes, did I say I was feeling bad? Ack!

I’m really hoping I can rest even for an hour this afternoon. But looks like the stars are not with me today. Sigh.


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