So broken

It’s the 3rd night that I am without my half. An incomplete soul, that’s what I am now. He left for Papua New Guinea to work. It’s our sacrifice for the kids’ future.

I know I should not be selfish and think about only my feelings. But I also see my children. Their longing and their sadness. It kills me.

Just today, the little girl was hugging her dad’s last worn shirt and was talking (babytalk) to it too. She misses her “sweetheart”. Dear daddy calls her that. Another was when Kuya Migsy woke up earlier today, he was screaming for daddy. Even when the hubby was still around, he cries and screams when he wakes up to an empty bed, what more now? The eldest also cried when the hubby called and told him to take care of me. He also wrote me a letter/note and posted it in our bedroom mirror, telling me not to cry. I have the most adorable kids. And it hurts that we have lost (temporarily but still) our man-of-the-house, our protector, our friend, our “Daddy”.

I am hurting as I write this. I feel that I’ve dried out all the tears but it still magically and automatically appears when I remember the owner of my heart. (Sorry for the mush, readers. I just feel lonely now) I don’t know how to survive this, but believe me when I say I am trying my very best not to lose it. I am fighting the fight. Because I have to. And because the hubby’s sacrifice is most precious.


Please pray for my family.


Dear Hubby,

I miss you. I miss us.

I love you so much.



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