Baby poochie!

I’ve been frequenting baby sling/pouch sites lately. I’ve always wanted to have one since I saw them when I was still pregnant with the 2nd child. I got myself 2 baby carriers then, since only a few use baby slings/pouches. But now, it seems that I should have this on my next payday budget list.

Take a look :

Baby Pouch

Here are some benefits of baby wearing :

– When you have a baby carrier, your hands are baby-free, so you can do other things like cook, clean, read, play with your other children or work.

– Soothes the baby. Babies love it when you carry them around and their bodies stay as close to yours.

– Babies need to be close to their mothers. It is for their emotional and psychological growth and well-being. It gives them the feeling of safety.

– Babywearing creates rhythm and harmony between you and your baby.

– Babies who are held more, cry less.


So yes, I’m quite sold on getting one soon!



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