Just a random thought for today. The eldest (child) and I went out earlier today to do some groceries and we passed by the bookstore too. I was browsing through some on-sale books but wasn’t able to find a good one. Probably because I wasn’t really looking for new books, since I haven’t finished 2 of the latest books I’m reading.

As I was browsing, I saw a really good book about sewing. It was a step-by-step book. I would’ve loved to buy it, but I was very hesitant. First, I still didn’t have my own sewing machine so I can’t practice. Second, the book was out of my budget. (Not to mention, the eldest had his eyes on a book too) Being a good mom, I chose to skip it.. well, at least for today. Maybe when I get one good part time job, maybe I can save up and buy it. Until then, it will remain a dream-slash-project. Here’s a good website that got me inspired today :

Duni’s Studio



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