Frustrations today…

I suddenly felt frustrated this evening. First because the eldest kid kept on bugging me about his math assignment, which I feel was quite easy. (As I write this, I think that the eldest either feels he needs attention or that he truly does not understand his lessons and need my help.. after all, everyone is different, including learning abilities)

Second was, the hubby and I could not log in properly and talk over Skype or YM. It was really frustrating. I needed to talk to him about things like I used to. Now it’s all just hellos, how-are-yous, and goodbyes. No more real talk. No real sense. It was all the same. It’s frustrating. He was the only person who could understand me more than anybody else, even myself sometimes. How can I survive a year (or more) without having a decent conversation with my bestfriend? It’s driving me crazy.

Third was the little things this morning. I had to do the laundry because it feels like the househelp was waiting for me to do it. I didn’t teach her to use the washing machine (automatic) simply because it was too complicated and the first time she tried (without my permission), it was a great fail. Now, it seems she won’t do the laundry manually or even ask me if we can do it. She JUST waits. Sigh. Finances are not too good too. The hubby has just started his work abroad and hasn’t sent his full salary (yet). He was able to send some money a few days ago, but with all the bills and expenses, I highly doubt it will last us until the end of the month. Yes, I’m a worrier. I worry about little things and big things. I believe all mothers are. Another sigh.

I hope things will feel better tomorrow. I expect it.


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