How have you been?

I have been busy the past few days, thus, no posts. What made me busy, you ask? Well, I started my new online business. I sell clothes, now mostly summer dresses and coverups, since it’s the “in” thing. Then, I also accepted a part time VA job. And a few days ago, the second child (who has been spending his days with his grandma, as soon as dear daddy left), was back at home for a few days. That means, the house is a total RIOT.

I am still in the process of contemplating whether what I’m doing is actually what I really want. I have less time for the baby, less time to read (if I can read, at all), less time for my flower garden (thank God I have good garden soil, the flowers are abundant and the plants thrive), and my bad temper is coming back. I think its because of the sleepless nights and the stress that is slowly taking its toll on me.

So, why do I do this? So I won’t be lonely. But is it all worth it? I’m still confused and thinking.


How have you been?


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