The Willing Willie Incident

While I may be a part of his audience (not anymore though; has been that way for a few months now), I condemn (for lack of a lighter word) what happened a few days ago, when a child was forced to dance what seems to be a macho or dirty dance. And the fact that this child is actually crying while the audience and Willie continue to laugh and cheer. I found it disgusting and sad. No, I wasn’t there to watch it live. I actually just saw glimpses of it (thank God) from one of TV5s news programs. But what I saw was the issue and that was enough.

Watching it, it was like watching a horror movie where a demon or demonic person laughs his demon laugh while watching someone suffer. That was the exact same feeling, except that it was happening in real life. I sympathize with the boy. How can somebody so young be humiliated in front of national television? Was it really for the ratings? Was it the game of the networks? Was it actually entertaining to watch this kind of thing?

I am a mother. I have been so for the past 9years. I cry when my kids don’t feel well. I empathize with how they’re feeling whether it be sad or happy. I also believe that kids should not be exposed to things such as violence and sex and harshness of life. That I, as a parent, should do all that I could to protect and not exploit. This is what happened that day. All because of money and greed. Of the boy’s family, of the host of the show, of the network it was being aired at.

image of JanJan dancing courtesy of

I love shows. I love watching the television because it entertains me especially when I’m feeling low and lonely. But when these things happen, I can’t help but feel that television is just a devil’s advocate.

Just my two cents. What’s yours?


One thought on “The Willing Willie Incident

  1. my 3-year-old daughter saw it too, I was wondering where she could have gotten the dance, I don’t want my daughter dancing like that – it’s not a cute nor a funny kind of dance – for me it’s a dance of shame. I was sure she saw that on TV…then I learned about poor little Janjan.

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