Updates, updates…


It’s not about me; it’s always about Him

This writer has been on a very long hiatus. Why? Because LIFE happened. A lot of it.

I am not here to tell you about what happened in between my last post and now. I have other blogs for those. Truth is, I missed this blog. Its one of the very first blogs I made. The rest only followed. This was my DIARY back then. Now, I plan to update this as often as I can. Even if they’re just murmurs of some sort. *crossing fingers*

So what’s with today. A lost client, that’s what. Although my Christian life has taught me a lot about these things, and for that I am very grateful. Even though circumstance may mean a big change in our lifestyle or in the dreams we’ve planned as a family, I still find peace in knowing that this may be God’s way of showing that He is STILL in control. Of everything. Yes, including our finances. We may have been too consumed of recent developments in our so-called life.

The past days, I think God was trying to nudge me that something’s about to happen. He always does. I may have been too stubborn (again) to really listen and understand what He was trying to say. I went ahead with selfish things like feel that I deserve rest and recreation. I know God will always bless me with these. But he has to initiate it. So it won’t have any trouble.

The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich,and he adds no sorrow with it. – Proverbs 10:22

I will need to learn to listen. I mean, really listen. To what God says. And not to what I say or what anybody else says. God will always give me what’s best for me. I just need to listen, to follow.


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