Cheers to a gleeful holidays!

What’s been going on lately? It has been more than a year from my last post. Although I must admit, I have had several drafts of posts lined up, but never really got to publish, for some reason or another.


Well, here I am again! What have I been up to since I last wrote here? The usual VA work, plus a Youtube vlog, a network marketing company that I totally believe in, and a slump in business. Yes, a LOT has happened. And at this point, if you haven’t noticed (from the footprints I’ve been leaving in the world wide web), I only get to write when I’m feeling down. Why? Don’t exactly know.

I am at an abyss, a waiting time, a chasm, a void. I am speaking only for a certain part of my life. Career. Because family and marriage-wise, I am happy and blessed. These are the only reasons why I still haven’t slumped back to depression. You know the feeling that everything seems to be okay when you REALLY think about it, but there’s this one feeling that’s missing? Yes, exactly where I’m at right now.

Christmas is almost near. And I may not be able to post another ‘rant’ (LOL) by then. So yeah, have a blessed and merry Christmas everyone! Hope everything will be well before the year ends.

Love you all!



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