The waiting game and naming names

Literally! We are waiting for baby Three to arrive. In about 12 hours, I will be a proud mommy of a new baby girl. Yay!


Last night, the hubby and I decided that we will name her Tanya Julien. She’s our last (I say last because I will have a tubal ligation procedure tomorrow too) baby and our only girl, so we wanted to have both our names on hers. Tanya was derived (obviously!) from my name, Tiffany. And Julien, is (again!) from his name Julius. We’re actually proud of what we’ve thought of despite the numerous debate on what second name we should give her. We didn’t want her taking so much time writing down her name when she’s already in school, k? We’re not evil parents or anything like that. Well, maybe sometimes we are. Haha.

Tanya Julianne was supposedly our second child’s name, because at 6-7 months, we were told by a sonologist from Javillonar Hospital in Pasig that the baby’s a she. Well, he’s a he. And his name now is Santiago Miguel. Miguel was a common fave but Santiago was a last minute decision since I felt that if we only named him Miguel, it wouldn’t be fair to his kuya, whom we named Antonio Luis (Antonio is my lolo’s name, while Luis came from Lucila which is the hubby’s mom’s name).

Bored much? Yeah, me too! 🙂

See our pic as soon as we got here in Chinese General Hospital. A blogger couldn’t resist, could she?



Prepping for the hosp

2 days prior to our hospital stay, hubby and I are preparing everything we need. A few days ago, as I was lulling myself to sleep (at 4am!!!), I sent the hubby a Facebook message of all the things we need to buy and need to bring. And it was a looooong list! So I guess I was expecting that he’d normally NOT read it. Haha.

We went to the mall the other day to buy Three’s stuff. But since we didn’t have the list, we forgot some things like my tummy binder. Now, as we drop off the boys at their grandma’s (for the whole week), hubby and I will go back to the mall and buy the rest. I’m not sure how many times I’ve written this in my posts, but, we are a YAYAless household. Meaning, we do everything ourselves. Well, recently, it has been the hubby who has been doing everything 🙂 Thanks babe!

A few minutes ago, I was ironing my children’s clothes and some pillowcases. And I realized how much we have done for this baby’s coming. My last 2 pregnancies with the boys, we had help, so it was not much of a stress on us on that part. At least we’ve proven to ourselves that we can make it even without a yaya. I’m just so so proud!

Here’s part of my current list (minus the ones we’ve already bought) :

  • tummy binder
  • Lysol spray
  • Lysol liquid
  • Wilkins
  • Sanitary/Maternity napkins
  • Tissue
  • Cotton buds
  • gauze pad – for my incision
  • gauze tape
  • Betadine
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

I hope I didn’t forget anything else. 🙂

Trust issues

Hubby woke me up this morning to tell me that my grandma’s househelp suddenly left without saying anything. She was supposed to leave on the 15th of November so she can pay for her fare which we paid for when she went to Manila. Actually, it was fare plus some salary advance. Our usual “contract” for these househelp who came from Bukidnon was that, they finish at least a year so we can let them off the hook, so to speak.

Lately, we have been having maid/yaya issues. This makes me think so much about having to trust people other than those you know. I mean, these yayas are not exactly people you know, right? I should really be asking for some form of clearance.. police or NBI, at that… so I can truly be at ease. This certain yaya was NOT even left alone in the house! She just left while my grandma was sleeping! Talk about a thief in the night.

We’re still not sure what she has taken, but definitely, she owes us her fare and that salary advance. This is not the first time that this has happened from people in her circle. There was another incident early this year when, anotherkababayan also left my 3-year-old cousin alone in their house. Again, not paying her fare and salary advance. This yaya also took a cellphone which was only handed to her for emergency purposes inside the house. NOT GIVEN!

Our previous yaya (before this last one), had some serious trust issues with me too. For one, I am VERY considerate when it comes to our househelp. I converse with them and I try to know each and every detail of their lives. I befriend them. I think its because I empathize and I know how they feel being away from their family and loved ones. And come meal time, hubby and I even allow them to eat with us! Same table, same food. Whatever’s in our pantry and refrigerator, are all there ready for them to eat. I don’t tell them not to eat this and that. Well, maybe except for those that are for my diabetes meal. I don’t give them a schedule like some others, because I think that as long as they keep our house and our children clean, then we’re good to go. My only peeve is that when I look for a certain something, usually my stuff for work or personal things, they’d know where it is. Thing is, I am a self-confessed makalat person. BUT I know where I put my things. I would even describe it to you IN FULL DETAIL. That’s how my brain works. All scattered but very photographic. LOL

I don’t get it. I mean, we are an average family with average needs. I’m not thesungit type. Though at times, I must admit, I have an attitude. But VERY tolerable, k? Haha. Point is, we don’t treat our maids like others. We don’t even ask for clearances or whatnots. Most of our yayas, we only know by first name. We don’t bother asking their background because we are trusting like that.

But this has ALL changed. Because of these maids we’ve had for the past year. Oh, and yes, I will be very paranoid from now on. Can’t blame me, can you?

I was a balloon…

I used to do all things to make myself thin. You see, since I was a kid, I was a chubby lil girl. There are only a few occasions where I can say that I’ve reached my ideal weight. One was in Grade 6, when I starved myself and only drank Nutrilicious Orange juice or Mango juice while I was at school. I eat as soon as I get home. Binge! Once for the rest of the day. Then when I was in college. I don’t remember what I was doing, but I was definitely on the diet. There are some other few occasions but all were short-lived, meaning, I managed to get all the fat back again in such a short period of time.

march 2001

When I was pregnant with the eldest, I was in an okay weight when I started. Then I began to pig out and eat all that my taste buds felt like eating. I was soooo into barbecue, ice cream and Mcdonalds. Nothing healthy, I must admit. So by the time I gave birth, if you think I looked super fat, well, not really! But I almost had pre-eclampsia and my feet was edematous. I was retaining fluids in my feet! And it looked like I had elephantiasis. Eeew!

Okay, not as gross… 🙂

On my second pregnancy, I liked how I looked. I wasn’t fat and I wasn’t thin. I was average. And I didn’t have bloated face either. Which is a definite plus for pregnant women like me.

5mos pregnant with Migs

Now that I’m pregnant with Three (my baby Tanya), I think I’m way too thin. I almost didn’t gain anything since I conceived. I remember going to my OB on my 2nd month and was about 67kgs (eeew!), and on my 6th month, I was 70! Only! 3kgs? With a big bump? How could that happen? And now that I’m seeing another doc, an endocrinologist for my diabetes.. and taking insulin shots .. and having 5 blood sugar tests every day… I almost DO NOT eat rice during meals. I make do with about 2-3 tablespoons of rice every meal. 😦 Just because I’m afraid that my sugar level would shoot up and I would need more insulin shots, which means, more money for the shots. Oh dear!

Here’s a pic I took about 2 weeks ago, with my second kid, Migsy.

I’m 33-34 weeks when this was taken. Look at how old and thin I am! If you’ve seen me when I was only 2 months pregnant, it seemed so weird that I’m thinner now. Gah! Look!

2-3 months

Told yah!

So there. I wonder how I’ll look AFTER I give birth 😀

Its my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to..

It’s almost 2am and I still don’t feel that its the 15th of October already. I mean, I used to s**t tons before my birthday comes. I had the kilig moments and the can’t sleep moments. Now, yes, I still can’t sleep, but not because it is my birthday, but because I’ve been like this for the past few days for who-knows-why.

A lot of people has greeted me over on Facebook, which is more than how many used to greet me the previous years. No I’m not complaining. I’m actually ecstatic. But I know for a fact that some of these people won’t actually be greeting me or even remember my birthday, if not for Facebook reminders. But as I’ve said, I am thankful.

Its been 2 days straight that I’ll be sleeping with a heavy heart. I don’t want to give details as its still frustrating and I don’t want to delve much into these things. At least one good thing that has come out from today would be that I’ve reached 30! I’m officially off being 29, which is an unlucky age according to the elders. Any age with 9 on it, that’s what they say.

Another good thing, by the way, is that I got to see Razorback again (on Music Uplate Live) today. I feel all nostalgic and giddy. I remember my “alternative to heavy rock band” days when I was in high school! There was even a time when my whole class (Grade 7-Tagbanua) wanted to record Jon Bon Jovi’s interview at a radio station and we almost got in trouble because of that. I also (almost) joined an alternative band who were composed of friends (Eaglets – explanation totally deserves a new post). They were called Stargazer Lilies then. Why? They were all fans of Kurt Cobain and Stargazers were Kurt Cobain’s fave flowers. LOL

Anyway… I wish this is not how I’d feel when I wake up. I’m still hoping for a more joyous birthday today. Its out of my hands though. Wish me luck .. and a happy birthday too! 🙂

Of breast pumps, exclusively breastfeeding and Kawasaki Disease

When I gave birth to our second child, Miguel, I wanted to exclusively breastfeed him. I even bought several types of breast pump just so I can do it until he’s 6 months or more. Unfortunately, he got sick when he was only 2 months old. Kawasaki Syndrome. For most of you who are not familiar, here’s a definition by wiki :

Kawasaki disease (KD), also known as Kawasaki syndromelymph node syndrome and Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome,[1] is an autoimmunedisease that manifests as a systemic necrotizing medium-sized vessel vasculitis and is largely seen in children under 5 years of age. It affects many organ systems, mainly those including the blood vesselsskinmucous membranes and lymph nodes; however, its most serious effect is on the heart where it can cause severe coronary artery aneurysms in untreated children. Without treatment, mortality may approach 1%, usually within 6 weeks of onset. With treatment, the mortality rate is less than 0.01% in the U.S.[2] There is often a pre-existing viral infection that may play a role in its pathogenesis.[3] The conjunctival and oral mucosa, along with the epidermis (skin), become erythematous (red and inflamed). Edema is often seen in the hands and feet and the cervical lymph nodes are often enlarged. Also, a remittant fever, often 40℃ (104°F) or higher, is characteristic of the acute phase of the disease.[4] In untreated children, the febrile period lasts on average approximately ten days, but may range from 5 to 25 days.[4] The disorder was first described in 1967 by Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki in Japan.[5]


And here’s one of his pics while he was at the hospital :

one of his worst pictures - kawasaki

And because his lips were chapped and bleeding, I couldn’t bear to see him breastfeed from me and leave marks of his suffering. I would have died.

Now that our third baby, Three as we fondly call her, is about to arrive, I am, once again, sold on breastfeeding exclusively. First because, it will definitely save us a lot on formula milk. But most importantly, it has numerous benefits for the little one.

Yesterday, while I was looking for free breastfeeding classes on the internet, I chanced upon this article :

101 reasons why I should breastfeed! Wow! Others seem redundant, but what the heck! If they can come up with that many reasons, then breastfeeding is definitely a must!

It also doesn’t hurt that I have been stuffing myself with malunggay leaves, in soup, on viand, or blanched. Oh, the wonders of moringa!

Moringa has been clinically proven to increase the production of breast milk whether it is consumed before or after the birth of a baby.Mothers who took Moringa were shown to produce more than 2x the amount of breast milk than those who didn’t. We all know instinctively that breast milk is the ultimate food prescribed by nature for the infant child and Moringa can be instrumental in helping mothers produce more of this precious food.

Read more:

So here I am, awake at 4am on Oct 14th, a day before my birthday, thinking of a way on how I can come up with a new and better breast pump by late October or early November. Any suggestions? Gifts are very much welcome! 🙂


Here’s my breast pump wishlist (any will do) LOL :